Feral Cats

When the property was purchased in June of 2016, we began feeding a pregnant feral cat.  She had her kittens in July.  Mom and kittens were all fixed and vaccinated by Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon in November 2016.  We made a commitment to the cats that we would always feed them and offer them a safe place for them to live. They eat four cups of kibble a day which equals $20 a month in costs to Veganville. Please consider donating to Veganville to help feed and keep these precious cats healthy and safe.

You can help us care for the cats by making a charitable donation.

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One of the kittens, Doug, made it to Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon’s Newsletter.

As of spring 2018, we lost three of the original kittens.  Our current cat family includes the original mother and two of her sons.